What is Musicbuzz?

Musicbuzz is a simple online music testing platform designed to help radio stations grow their audience through music research.

With the majority of web traffic now originating from mobile devices it’s imperative that your research platform is designed for mobile users. Musicbuzz is a web app that provides a simple and enjoyable way for your listeners to take part in music research no matter where they are e.g.  as they commute on public transport or wait for a friend in a cafe.

How it Works

The app is branded with your logo and provides you another way for you to engage your audience.

Launching a survey is easy. Once you have selected the songs for your next survey simply copy and paste the provided web address into a social media post or into an email and your listeners will sign up to the app and start rating.

If you decide to enhance your research by having a branded Apple or Android app created for your account, you will also have the ability to use push notifications to let your listeners know when a new survey is available.

The app is managed through a web based portal that allows you to have full control over your research.

The admin portal is easy to use and in most cases stations have been able to set up their account without any need for assistance.

In the case where assistance is required we are ready to help.

So what’s holding you back? Let’s go!

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